3 Whys

I thought I’d sit down and delve into the “why” of this blog for a few minutes.


Why start a blog?

Well, in the first place, I’m a talker. Anyone who knows me personally knows this to be a fact. 😉 I LOVE to talk! If there were a “verbal processor” test, I could probably score 100%. But even above loving to talk, I love relationships. Connecting with people has been “me” from day one. I’m also crazy about learning new things. And when I learn something new, guess what? I want to TALK about it! (Do you get where this is going?) Having my first three babies in under three years has put me on the learning fast-track, and this blog was created in part to allow me to share some of those gems with others. 

Secondly, I really, truly enjoy encouraging others. Helping them feel excited about their life, like fellow moms are doing a good job with their kiddos, that this life is glorious in its challenges, and that even seemingly “scary” things can be conquered with grace and love.

Thirdly, I love to write. I’m creative to my core. Honestly, I want to exercise and challenge this part of me! 

Finally, I am blogging because I’m not perfect. I am one mama on a journey, and I need connection with others on the same path. Some ahead, some behind, but all together on the road of life, love, and motherhood. (This blog isn’t strictly for moms, though. I hope everyone can find little bits of encouragement and inspiration here!)

Why Love My Lil Peeps?

ImageWhat is a Lil Peep, anyway? I’m getting images of marshmallow chicks… 

Ha! Nope! Lil Peeps is short for Little People, and just happens to be my pet name for my kids as a group. I love those guys. I’ll probably write heaps of ooey gooey mushy posts about them (and a few about how I just might lose my hair early), so get ready for the love fest!  As a bonafide talker, there’s almost no subject that can get me going like my lil peeps. 🙂

So, why now? Aren’t you BUSY?

Yes! Of course! (I’m reminded by complete strangers every time I go out how “busy” I am…) But I’m in the thick of things here. And what better time to learn, document, and pass on to others the things that flow out of this time in my life? I’m currently in permanent preggo/mommybrain mode, so my goodness, I need to write this stuff down for me too! 😉

Well, there it is in a nutshell: my three whys for writing this blog. Perhaps more will be added, but I think that’s a pretty good list for now. 


What about you? WHY do you read this blog? Leave me a comment below!


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