Getting Back In The Swing Of Things



What a whirlwind! What a ride! What a blur! Have the past few months been as full for you as they have for me? (Not long ago I would have used the word “busy”, but I was challenged by a friend at MOPS to start replacing “busy” with “full”, because it has a much more positive connotation, and I like the change!)


My life is full! Full of babies, full of diapers, full of rainy days (but not today, glory be!), full of wonder, full of art, full of LIFE. And my mind and heart are full of blog posts. 🙂 So many things to say. So many things to write my heart out about. Now that life is re-orienting itself to a new normal after the holidays and having a baby of all things, I am excited to start getting back in the swing of things here on my blog as well.


It’s a new year, friends! It’s gonna be a great one!


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