Messes That Make Me Laugh


As a mom of littles, they are a daily part of life. I have found there are several different kinds of messes in my life: those that make me cry, those that make me sigh, those that make me want to yell, and those that make me laugh. Now, to be completely realistic about it, I always have a choice when it comes to how I respond to the messes in my life, and I certainly don’t always make the right choice. But I’m trying to enjoy all parts of my life more, even the messes, so I’m giving my responses a bit of work.

To help myself out, I decided to document some of the daily hilarity around here. That way when I need a little refresher, I can look back at how crazily ridiculous things are sometimes.

So I give you….

Messes That Make Me Laugh (part one of who knows how many!)


Yes, those are the remains of a bell pepper that a lil peep swiped off the counter without me knowing!


Well, if there have to be messes, at least they’re learning to line things up!


How does this even happen?


Maybe an oatmeal/yogurt glaze will help with reception? (Don’t worry, it was unplugged and wasn’t working anyway.)



ImageAKA “decorating”

ImageI’m really quite grateful this doll likes dry baths.

ImageBut this doll definitely needs a real bath. Probably with bubbles.

Oh me, oh my! What’s a mama to do? It’s so much more fun to laugh than cry (or, ahem, yell). So tell me, do the kids in your life make gloriously goofy messes? (But of course they do!) Let’s laugh at the craziness together!

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2 thoughts on “Messes That Make Me Laugh

  1. You forgot the 5th kind of mess: “those that nearly immobilize me because of the sheer overwhelming nature of the mess.” I get a lot of those… (I was going to say the fifth one was “those that make me want to take up drinking,” but the former sounded better.) 🙂

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