One Multi-Use Food Item That Makes My Life Easier

“Mom, is this for eating, or for putting on bottoms?”

Yes, that’s an actual question I’ve heard more than once in my house. And it’s not because my children are maniacal diaper cream eaters (phew! haha), but rather that the fluffy white stuff in the little jar on the changing table is in fact the same as the fluffy white stuff in the big tub in the kitchen that I put in their smoothies and spread on toast. 

Coconut oil.

It’s the duct-tape of the edible world.

It’s healthy, relatively inexpensive, and easy to acquire. Coconut oil makes my life easier. Really. I buy one container, and instantly I have:

  • oil for cooking
  • a smoothie rich-i-fier (add a couple tablespoons and the yum factor explodes exponentially)
  • a butter replacement in case I run out (or just want a little sweeter base on my bread)
  • diaper cream
  • makeup remover (just rub it all over your face/eyes and wash it off gently with a warm wash cloth–it’s the best!)
  • face moisturizer 
  • hand/body “lotion”
  • toothpaste replacement (I’m trying out oil pulling, which in Kirsti-speak means I’ve done it twice)
  • lotsmorethingsthatiamprobablymissing

I really don’t know what I’d do without it. 

I love that it works brilliantly in the place of so many things in very different categories. And it’s not only non-toxic, but beneficial. So I don’t have to freak out when I notice that the “diaper cream” container has been licked clean. And when my preschooler asks me, “Mom, is this for eating or for putting on bottoms?” I can simply say, “yes.” 


How about you? Do you use coconut oil? What’s your favorite thing to do with it?


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