Take Time To Look

Today I was stopped in my tracks by a picture of a beautiful woman. 

It was a phone picture of a friend of mine, taken by her sister, and posted on Facebook. Nothing unusual or extraordinary about that. But for some reason, I took a moment to REALLY look at the picture and take it all in. Her softly curled hair, polka-dotted dress, her smile. She’s my friend. I KNOW what she looks like. And I have to admit that often I just see pictures of people and don’t take a lot of time to study them. After all, we are bombarded with pictures of dozens (hundreds?) of people daily. It’s easy to just glance, “like”, and not really pause to notice the particular beauty each person holds. How much am I missing out on?

Today I am challenged to take time to look, REALLY look at people, as if I were taking in a master piece of art, because I am! I’m finding more beauty than I ever imagined.


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