Beware the Dreaded Mom Jeans

Every few weeks or so I come across an article, blog post, meme, or bit of fashion advice about how to avoid Mom Jeans (gasp!) and be stylish even though you may be a mom. Honestly, this advice simultaneously cracks me up and makes me roll my eyes and wonder what kind of writer’s block inspired the post. In the first place, I haven’t seen a pair of Mom Jeans since I was a kid–in the ’80s–when my own mom, and every other person, regardless of age and gender, wore them. In the second place, the antidote is the same. Every time.

Truthfully, I think there’s a new Mom Jean in town. But instead of high rise, tapered leg, acid wash, it’s low rise, skinny, dark wash. Or yoga pants. Pair with boots or ballet flats and a tunic or long sweater. You know that look when you see it!

Oh, and Mom Hair? The bob has been replaced with a top knot. Amirite? In our desperation to get away from what our mothers wore, we’ve created New Mom Jeans for our generation. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but the irony isn’t lost on me.

Does this crazy hatred of our moms’ clothes strike anyone else as hilarious? I kind of think this actually has very little to do with motherhood and everything to do with the fashion of the day, which leads me to wonder if our daughters will roll their eyes and wonder how we could EVER bring ourselves to wear something as unfashionable as skinny jeans (gasp!), an infinity scarf, and a top knot.



2 thoughts on “Beware the Dreaded Mom Jeans

  1. Oh yes, please tell me that the wide butt skinny ankle jeans and trashy shirts with giant random patches of lace will soon be in the past! Haha! Along with the sweatpants shoved into Uggs! What will our kids say when they grow up and see pictures of us!

    • Isn’t it funny? I’m starting to look at some of my “fashionable” clothes and say “mom jeans” in my head. 😉 Just goes to show that every generation has new and different taste.

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