World’s Simplest Decorating Tip

“If you don’t like something in the place that it’s in, move it!” ~Kirsten Vossler

Yep, I just quoted myself. Well, I haven’t actually said that out loud to anyone, but I said it in my mind to myself (which must count, I’m sure). And it’s brilliant, so there you go. Not as cute and sophisticated-sounding as something like “shop the house” or “borrow from Peter to pay Paul” or any number of other idioms that would fit just as well, but it’s what I told myself when I moved this three-tiered basket out of a corner of my kitchen and (after a brief stay in the garage) put it on my front porch.


In the kitchen it wasn’t even coming close to its full potential, as I only used the top basket for fruit (or the li’l peeps would take it all), and the kids used the lower baskets to swing their dolls. When the baby, who is becoming more mobile by the day, decided it would be a good place to pull up and stand, it went straight out to the garage.

In the kitchen it was kind of ho-hum. On the porch it’s CUTE! It was just that easy.

My front porch is all Autumn-y and happy now. And my brain is singing, “I like to move it, move it!”